Fabrics sourcing

            Futun Apparel as a Full Production Package (FPP) factory in China, will help throughout the process from design to final product and source fabrics from our wealth of connections to suit your brand’s vision.
            We have regular fabric and accessories manufacturer partners to meet the daily needs of different garment production. At the same time, our professional purchasing team is often stationed in China’s largest fabric accessories wholesale market to purchase personalized fabrics for customers.
           Here are the main types of materials to choice when you start your clothing brand.
● Luxury fashion – Leather, cashmere, silk, organic cotton
● Affordable fashion – Cotton, polyester, nylon
● Sports clothing – Technical fabrics such as polypropylene and lycra
● Sustainable fashion – Bamboo, linen, jute, hemp

Trims sourcing

             Also,there are several trims to think about. Below are some examples of common embellishments for garments:
● Buttons
● Zips
● Linings
● Elastics
● Laces
● Rubber tabs 
● Aglets
● Eyelets 


         Fabrics are Sustainably certified,Usually as the following:
● GRS – Stands for Global Recycled Standard
● GOTS – Stands for Global Organic Textiles Standard
● OEKO-TEX 100 – Textiles tested for harmful substances
● BLUESIGN -The blue way of textile consumer products

Global Recycled Standard